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Funded grad student (MSc & PhD) opportunities in Population Ecology at UBC

Graduate student opportunities in population ecology – University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Williams Lab, Department of Geography & Biodiversity Research Centre

The Williams Lab at UBC is looking for 1 – 2 graduate students (MSc or PhD) to join our group in 2023. We study how evolution and ecology interact to change population dynamics and species interactions in space and time. We want to understand how fast populations of native species can expand their ranges with climate change and invasive plants can expand following introduction to a new region, and also how plants in the endangered Garry oak ecosystem will respond to climate change. To answer these questions, we combine experiments in the field and greenhouse with quantitative models. Graduate students have the flexibility to develop a project that fits into ongoing lab research.

Planning to attend the upcoming ESA/CSEE meeting and want to chat? Please send me an email. (or send an email if you’re not going and would like to chat over Zoom)

We are looking for graduate students who are curious about population ecology, with at least some relevant undergraduate coursework and/or research experience. Students in the group will develop strong quantitative skills (statistical and/or modeling) and do reproducible research. Prospective students should be in interested in becoming more quantitative, and we will help them get there. Helpful if prospective students know something about identifying and growing plants, and have a valid driver’s license.

The Williams Lab is committed to creating a safe and supportive lab environment, particularly for students from marginalized communities. Our group interacts with a diverse group of geographers interested in the environment, and with ecologists and evolutionary biologists from across UBC, who are brought together by the Biodiversity Research Centre for classes, seminars and discussion groups. We have ties with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Metro Vancouver, and land managers at native prairie sites across the Pacific Northwest.

Applications for MSc students are due in early December 2022 and for Ph.D. students in early January 2023, for a May or September 2023 start date. Curious if you might fit into the group? Send an email ([email protected]) telling a little about your research interests. Already know you’d like to be considered? Send an email ([email protected]) including a brief statement that describes your research interests, past research experience and why you are interested in this position, and attach your CV and an unofficial transcript.

See the lab website for more information: http://williamslabubc.weebly.com/ and find information about applying to UBC Geography here: http://www.geog.ubc.ca/graduate/. All students admitted to Geography are guaranteed a stable income ($25,000-$31,000/year) that comes from a combination of teaching assistantships and UBC fellowships. I am happy to assist Canadian students with their NSERC applications.


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