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I am recruiting a new MS or PhD student (PhD preferred) to start in the Fall of 2022. Major areas of research in the Haynes lab are understanding 1) the causes of spatial and temporal patterns in the outbreaks of forest insect pests (e.g., spatial synchrony, population cycles), 2) factors leading to geographic variation in rates of invasive spread by insect pests, and 3) effects of artificial light at night (or “light pollution”) on ecological processes from the population to ecosystem level. While the student will be welcome to work in one of these areas, the student can develop a research program outside of these areas within the broader fields of population ecology, landscape ecology, or global change ecology.

Work in my lab often includes a combination of analysis of spatial datasets, field observations and experiments, and/or computer modeling. Applicants with interests or experience in remote sensing, GIS, statistics, and/or writing computer code (for example, R, Matlab) are encouraged to apply. Funding would most likely come from a research assistantship as well as a half-time teaching assistantship from the Department of Environmental Sciences. Exceptional applicants may be eligible for a fellowship.

During summer semesters, the student would be based at Blandy Experimental Farm, a field station for environmental research and education located in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Send a statement of your interests and a CV to Dr. Kyle Haynes ([email protected]).


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