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Multiple Graduate Positions in Acoustics, Sensing Systems and Machine Learning

Positions by 99Science

I am hiring several Ph.D. Students (outstanding MS students will be considered) to start in Fall 2022 (or earlier) for the research topics below:

      i.           Acoustics-based Damage Detection from Operational Wind Turbine Blades (Algorithm Development)    ii.           Acoustics-based Damage Detection from Operational Wind Turbine Blades (Field Implementation and Testing)  iii.           Computational Aero-Acoustics (CAA) for Structural Health Monitoring  

iv.           Ultra-low Power Wireless Sensing System Development and Field Testing for Monitoring Composite Structures

    v.           Machine Learning for Advanced Exoskeleton Development and Control  vi.           Nonlinear Vibration Modeling and Testing of Sandwich Structures under Impact Loading

vii.           Development of Simplified Aero-Elastic Airfoil Models under Random Excitation viii.           Reliability and NVH Modeling and Testing of Electrified Drivetrains for Aerospace Applications

 ix.           Prognostics of Large-Scale Battery Systems using Limited Sensor Data

These positions require an undergraduate GPA>3.5, excellent communication skills and language test score (International students only), work ethics, integrity, motivation and collegiality. Please contact me at [email protected] with your most up-to-date resume and a concise statement of purpose, if interested and would like to know more.


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