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PhD Position in molecular pharmacology at the University of Montreal

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Two research positions are available under co-supervision in the Laboratories of Drs. Marc Servant and Sylvain Meloche at the Faculty of Pharmacy/IRIC, Université de Montréal. Those laboratories use a combination of mouse genetics, cell biology and pharmacological approaches to understand how cells integrate various signals coming from extracellular cues such as viruses and growth factors into the regulation of cell immunity and growth. Two major projects are currently funded. One project consists in understanding the role of IL-17RD in the antiviral innate immune response. The other project focuses on the role of USP17 deubiquitinase in colorectal cancer.

Candidates should have a M.Sc. degree in biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, virology or related fields who preferably have experience/interest in signal transduction. Funding is available for a minimum of three years. Only highly motivated individuals with teamwork skills will be considered. Interested individuals should send their CV and names of two references to:

Dr. Marc Servant. Ph.D.


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