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Institute of Molecular Biotechnology is one of the leading biomedical research institutes in Europe, focusing on cutting-edge functional
genomics and stem cell-derived organoid technologies. IMBA is located at the Vienna BioCenter, the vibrant cluster of universities, research institutes and biotech companies in Austria. We offer two master student positions in the Mendjan lab starting as soon as possible. The Mendjan group is interested in exploring human cardiac organogenesis and pathogenesis mechanisms using the recently established
self-organizing chamber-like heart organoids called cardioids (Hofbauer et al., Cell 2021). Cardioids are a powerful new tool to study how the human heart develops, beats, and grows to serve as a new generation of much-
needed predictive cardiovascular disease models:

We work in a dynamic and collaborative environment and look for highly
motivated candidates who share our excitement for human organoids.
Candidates should:
• Have experience in cell culture techniques
• Have experience in molecular biology or biochemistry
• Enjoy asking exciting research questions
• Have a strong commitment to excellence in science
• Enjoy working both independently and in a team
• Have good organizational, analytical and communication skills (in English)
• A plus is also interest in bioinformatics, coding, or electrophysiology

We can offer an exciting model system, excellent infrastructure, unique learning opportunities, friendly lab atmosphere, focused and dedicated
supervision, and an inspiring and very collaborative campus. For more
information, please visit:

Please send applications with a cover letter and CV to
Sasha Mendjan,
[email protected].
Selected candidates will be invited for an interview in January and
February 2022.


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