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Postdoctoral Position at Gregor Mendel Institute

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Postdoctoral Researcher Position (Duration: 3 years)

Who we are: Dagdas Group at the Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI), Vienna BioCenter. We work on eukaryotic cellular quality control pathways, primarily using plants as organisms of study, but also in human cells. We focus on discovering and characterizing new selective autophagy mechanisms. Please see the lab website or email us for details.

We aim to do comparative/mechanistic studies: We comparatively study multiple model organisms
using a wide range of experimental techniques to establish conceptual frameworks in cellular qualitycontrol.
Your profile:
▪ You are willing to develop an ambitious project that could fit our research interests (we can help
you develop it). We are particularly interested in establishing new model organisms for cellular
quality control research.
▪ You enjoy working in a team (i.e., you are willing to help and get help from your colleagues).
▪ You already published or preprinted a solid story on any aspect of cell biology, biochemistry,
structural biology, or evolutionary biology.
PS: you do not need previous research experience on autophagy, as we got that part covered (of
course it is not a disadvantage if you worked on autophagy).

What we offer:
▪ Open mind and support for “blue-sky” research (We never say no to a good experiment).
▪ Access to cutting-edge infrastructure and resources that allow you to carry out (almost) any experiment.
▪ A vibrant research institute that will expose you to a broad range of expertise in molecular life
sciences research (perfect way to develop a high caliber research palate).
▪ Become a part of research networks on Targeted Protein Degradation and Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Resilience.
▪ Mentoring and the opportunity to take your project with you to facilitate your move onto an
independent position.

How to apply: Please email
▪ A letter of intent describing your research background and how you could fit into our group.
▪ Your CV and contact details of three references.

Application deadline: February 15th, 2022
Starting date: Flexible (sometime between April to October 2022)
For informal enquiries please contact Yasin Dagdas: [email protected] or @PlantoPhagy


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