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Graduate Positions in Biology at University of Nebraska Omaha

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The Department of Biology at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) is seeking to recruit students for our Master’s degree program. We provide support through teaching assistantships (which include tuition waivers), as well as through faculty research grants. In addition, research and summer support funds are available on a competitive basis. UNO is located in the heart of the greater Omaha metropolitan area (over 930,000 people), and UNO currently enrolls approximately 3,000 graduate students and 15,500 undergraduates. Our departmental program covers all levels of organization within biology. Faculty with interests in conservation, ecology, behavior, restoration, and evolution include:

Paul Ayayee: Host-microbe interactions and Microbial ecology (https://www.unomaha.edu/college-of-arts-and-sciences/biology/about-us/directory/paul-ayayee.php)
Tom Bragg: plant community diversity/fire ecology ([email protected])
Dean Castillo Evolutionary genetics of reproduction, mating behaviors, and speciation. https://castillolab.github.io/
Tim Dickson: prairie and savanna restoration, and ecosystem services resulting from restoration (http://GrasslandEcology.com)
John Hribljan: Wetland ecology and restoration ([email protected])
Roxi Kellar: plant systematics, biodiversity, and plant invasion genomics (https://www.unomaha.edu/college-of-arts-and-sciences/kellar-lab/index.php)
David Manning: stream ecology and water quality ([email protected])
John McCarty: conservation and ecology of birds ()
Claudia Rauter: behavioral ecology
John Sproul: Repetitive DNA genomics, insect biodiversity, rapid genome evolution, species delimitation ([email protected])

For a complete list of faculty interests and contact information visit: https://www.unomaha.edu/college-of-arts-and-sciences/biology/about-us/directory/index.php

Interested students should contact one or more faculty members prior to application to discuss possible thesis topics. The deadline for applications for fall enrollment is 15 February. For more information about Graduate Studies at UNO, visit: https://www.unomaha.edu/graduate-studies/index.php


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