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Graduate Position: Kangaroo rat conservation (1-2 positions) – Cal Poly, SLO

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The Bean Lab at Cal Poly – SLO is looking for one to two student to begin master’s work on kangaroo rat conservation in the central coast of California fall, 2022. One position will lead a long-term research experiment in the Carrizo Plain focusing on giant kangaroo rats, San Joaquin antelope squirrels, or other species of interest. The other will initiate research into narrow-faced kangaroo rats (Dipodomys venustus) using a combination of range-wide surveys and occupancy and environmental niche modeling to support a larger project investigating sub-species taxonomic status.

Financial support will include a combination of teaching positions and full time summer salary. In addition, if you’re a resident of California who meets financial criteria, you will be eligible, and likely to receive, full tuition coverage. The research itself (equipment, travel, and at least one summer field assistant) will be fully funded. You’ll be encouraged to apply for additional grants to expand your research. Graduate projects in my lab generally require a field and a spatial component, which often turns in to one or two thesis chapters and one or two publications. Average time to completion has been 2.5 years.

Graduates have gone on to PhD programs (N=5) or are working with public agencies (N=3), non-profits (N=1), and biological consultants (N=1). As your advisor, I will work with you to design a research program that gets you to your desired next step of your career. All students in the lab are expected to work well with and support each other, including mentoring undergraduate researchers. Everyone in the Bean Lab is committed to fostering equity and diversity in all its forms.

Students historically under-represented in the sciences and environmental conservation are strongly encouraged to apply. Interested applicants should collate the following materials; please note that all four components of your application will be given equal weight for consideration: 1. a resume/CV 2. a brief statement of interest (<1 page) 3. a statement on your experiences, accomplishments, or goals in relation to equity, diversity and inclusion in the field of Ecology, and 4. unofficial transcripts Please send these materials to [email protected] with subject line “krats 2022”. After my review, the successful candidate(s) will be expected to apply formally through the University. Applications submitted by 12/01/21 will be given full consideration.

Required: undergraduate degree in Biology, Ecology, Wildlife, or similar field, and at least one year of ecology-related field experience Preferred: field experience with small mammals and/or field experience in a leadership role; coursework or other experience with GIS and R Students will be expected to meet the requirements for admission to the Master’s Program in Biological Sciences at Cal Poly. Full details are available on the website listed. Students without the necessary pre-requisite coursework may be admitted on a probationary basis.


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