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PhD Positions at Southern Illinois University

 Drs. Clay NielsenGuillaume Bastille-Rousseau, and Brent Pease at Southern Illinois University seek 3 Ph.D.-level Graduate Research Assistants (GRA) to study carnivore ecology in Illinois. Two GRAs will study bobcats in north-central Illinois and be co-advised as follows: Bobcat spatial ecology: Nielsen and Bastille-Rousseau Bobcat demographics: Nielsen and Pease One GRA will study gray foxes in southern Illinois and another study area TBD; this student will be co-advised by Nielsen and Bastille-Rousseau. Primary field work on both projects will include capture and fitting of animals with GPS collars with primary objectives to quantify survival, dispersal, home ranges, and habitat selection, with duties split for the bobcat project as listed above.

These are large, well-funded research efforts involving research technicians to assist in gathering data. Depending on start time, the successful applicant may first be hired as a technician, to transfer to Ph.D. student status thereafter. Salary: ~$1,575/mo + tuition & benefits; free housing may be available.


The successful applicant will have: (1) obtained a M.S. degree in wildlife, ecology, biology, forestry, zoology, or related fields; (2) applicable field skills including carnivore capture, handling, collection of biological samples, and GPS collars; (3) a driver’s license and ability to carry heavy gear long distances in difficult field conditions; (4) exceptional quantitative skills; (5) strong oral and written communication skills; (6) aerial radiotelemetry experience; and (7) an ability to work both independently and within a team framework with project technicians and fellow graduate students in highly-productive research laboratories.

Interested parties should email a cover letter, CV (with GPA and GRE scores included), writing sample, and list of 3 references to Dr. Nielsen at [email protected]. The email subject line should list which project(s) are of interest and that should also be stated clearly in the cover letter. Please email application materials no later than 25 February 2022. Start Date: 1 June 2022.


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