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Graduate positions on how leukocytes cross the vascular endothelial wall

Positions by 99Science

The Van Buul lab uses several cellular and molecular biology techniques to visualize the actual adhesion and transmigration of immune cells across the endothelium. The lab uses transmigration assay under physiological flow in combination with advanced confocal laser scanning microscopy and in collaboration with Airyscan and Lattice Light Sheet microscopy imaging. This allows following transendothelial migration with the highest possible resolution in 3D in time with minimal phototoxicity, enabling us to draw conclusions on the spatial and temporal regulation of all different steps of the transendothelial migration cascade. Additionally, we entered the field of optogenetics using FRET-based and light-sensitive and membrane-targeting biosensors: a technique that reveals the localization of protein activation through the transmission of or activation by fluorescent signals. Recently, the lab started generating vessel-on-a-chip that allow us to follow leukocyte transmigration in time leaving the vascular lumen and entering the peri-vascular space using long distance objectives. With the use of all described tools, it is the goal of this project to understand the molecular details of leukocyte transendothelial migration to ultimately develop therapies that either promote or inhibit leukocyte transendothelial migration and vascular permeability in an organ-specific manner. For more detailed project description, please send your CV to the project leader.

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