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PhD Position in Mathematical Ecology at University of New Hampshire

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There is an opening for a PhD student in mathematical ecology at the University of New Hampshire working with Professor Easton White (https://quantmarineecolab.github.io/join/). The student would start in Fall 2023; however, there is an option to start some of the work this summer 2022 as a trial period (see below).

All lab members must be:
– Decent human beings (we don’t work with jerks)
– Interested in marine systems and using quantitative tools (e.g., mathematical models, statistics, R)
– Wanting to change the world

The potential PhD student is to start in Fall 2023 to work on questions within mathematical ecology, with a focus on extreme events, spatial ecology, and metapopulation biology. We are looking for a student with both an interest in developing ecological theory and applying this to real systems. The case study is focused on metapopulation dynamics of oysters.

The student could also start some of the project this summer 2022 as a trial run in the lab. This wouldn’t guarantee acceptance into the program or obligate the student to start in the PhD program.

If you are interested, please send ([email protected]) a CV and brief introduction, including details of your prior research experience, as well as your research interests and graduate school goals and how you think these align with my research program. I am also open to chatting about potential projects related to other areas of my research program (https://quantmarineecolab.github.io/join/).


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