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Environmental Education graduate assistantship
The CWES Graduate Assistantship is a unique opportunity for those interested in gaining teaching, mentoring and supervisory experience in the environmental education field while pursuing a
Masters in Environmental Education and Interpretation. The assistantship is a two-year commitment.  The next graduate assistantship will begin in June of 2022. 

If you are interested, please contact Tom Quinn, Director, at 715-346-2705 or [email protected]. Interviews with potential candidates will begin shortly, so please contact Tom ASAP if interested (interviews can be conducted prior to a formal application). 

Job Description:

During the academic year, graduate assistants assist course instructor(s) in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the 4-credit NR 376/576 Practicum in Environmental Education and the 12-credit NR 482 Practicum in Environmental Education/Interpretation courses.  Both are taught at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station.

During the summer, the graduate assistant will help to run summer camps and other programming at CWES. The graduate assistant will work as the Assistant Summer Camp Director their first summer and as Summer Camp Director their second summer.

Graduate Assistants will also be able to help develop new programming at CWES, including:

-The Sunset Lake Conservation Program: a new effort to engage the surrounding community in conservation efforts, focusing on the removal of the aquatic invasive species Eurasian Watermilfoil
-Green Team: a growing partnership with Tomorrow River Community Charter School, which is located on site alongside CWES. The goal of this program is to engage the school’s middle and high school students in hands on environmental learning through community science, natural resource stewardship, and civic responsibility

The level and form of involvement in these and other programs at CWES will depend on the skills and interests of the graduate assistant

For more information, visit https://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/cwes/Pages/GraduateAssistantship.aspx.


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