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Graduate Position in Dryland Crop Physiology at Colorado State University

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Title: Graduate Assistantship in Dryland Crop Physiology
Location: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Categories: M.S. student
Compensation: Stipend and tuition waiver
Application deadline: February 1, 2022


The Ogle Lab in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University seeking an independent and motivated student to investigate physiological responses of agricultural crops to drought in a controlled setting managed by the USDA. Specifically, this student will be part of a multi-institution research group funded by NASA to investigate the use of novel remote sensing data to constrain estimates of gross primary production, and yields, in dryland agriculture at scales from the field to regional/national. The student will be mentored by Dr. Dave Barnard (USDA-ARS) and Dr. Stephen Ogle (Colorado State University). The position will be based in Fort Collins, CO and involve frequent field work at nearby USDA facilities in Greeley and Akron, CO.

Dr. Ogle is the technical lead on the US national greenhouse gas inventory for agricultural lands and has conducted a variety of assessments to evaluate agricultural management options. Dr Barnard is a USDA research scientist with interest in plant physiology and hydrology.

The M.S.position is supported for 2 years through a research assistantship.


Applicants require a background in plant physiology or related field. Desirable qualifications include a strong interest in crop physiology; experience making plant ecophysiological measurements in the lab, greenhouse, and/or field (e.g., gas exchange, water potential, chlorophyll fluorescence,); a considerable interest in quantitatively modeling physiological processes; strong written and oral communication skills; and/or desire to work both independently and collaboratively with others;


For more information please send an email to: Dr. Stephen Ogle ([email protected])
Formal applications to M.S. program at Colorado State University should be submitted through https://graduateschool.colostate.edu/programs/ecology-ms/


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