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Graduate study in Biology at the University of Louisville

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The Department of Biology at the University of Louisville (UofL) seeks applicants to the Ph.D. graduate program starting fall 2022. UofL Biology faculty research interests broadly include conservation, ecology, evolution, animal behavior, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, and biology education. The faculty listed below actively participate in the graduate program. Most anticipate accepting graduate students for Fall 2022. Please see our website for more information about specific faculty interests and graduate programs: http://louisville.edu/biology.

James Alexander – population, behavioral, and physiological ecology of aquatic invertebrates
Natalie Christian – plant-endophyte interactions, microbial ecology
Cynthia Corbitt – behavioral neuroendocrinology, environmental signaling
Lee Dugatkin – behavioral ecology, evolution, history of science
Perri Eason – behavioral ecology and conservation of terrestrial vertebrates and insects
Sarah Emery – plant population and community ecology, soil ecology, restoration ecology
Paul Ewald – evolutionary ecology of parasitism, evolutionary medicine
Linda Fuselier – postsecondary biology education, bryophyte ecology
Paul Himes – microbiology, molecular genetics, microbial ecology, interspecies communication
Dae-Sung Hwangbo – molecular genetics; circadian rhythms, aging, obesity, disease models
Matthew Kolmann – evolutionary ecology; functional morphology; biomechanics; ichthyology
Alycia Lackey – evolutionary and behavioral ecology; response to climate change
Andrew Mehring – ecosystem ecology, urban ecology, and greenhouse gas fluxes
Michael Menze – molecular physiology; mitochondrial bioenergetics; cryobiology
Michael Perlin – molecular genetics; disease evolution; fungal phytopathogens
Rachel Pigg – wildlife and disease vector ecology, postsecondary biology education
Mark Running – plant genetics and development; drought tolerance; biofuels
David Schultz – molecular genetics, biotechnology, and biochemistry
Joe Steffen – cellular and molecular physiology; environmental physiology
Micah Worley – microbiology of intracellular pathogens and pathogen manipulation of host cells
Steve Yanoviak – behavior and ecology of tropical arthropods, ecological effects of lightning
Debbie Yoder-Himes – microbiology and molecular genetics

The application deadline for Fall admission is January 15, 2022 for students seeking financial support. Teaching assistantships and fellowships are available for competitive applicants. More information, including admission requirements and application materials, is available here: http://louisville.edu/biology/graduate. Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact individual Biology faculty before applying.

The University of Louisville is a metropolitan campus of ca. 23,000 students located a few minutes from downtown. Louisville (pop. 600,000) is a progressive, compassionate, cosmopolitan city that welcomes diversity. The Louisville metropolitan area offers exceptional dining, cultural, and entertainment opportunities, and a relatively low cost of living (https://www.gotolouisville.com/). Louisville’s location provides easy access to research and outdoor recreational opportunities on the Ohio River and surrounding forests, and to local government agencies, NGOs, and medical centers. Several Biology faculty members maintain collaborations, committee appointments, and adjunct positions at other universities, and at the UofL Health Sciences Center campus downtown. The University of Louisville is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Employer. We are a vibrant and inclusive community, and we actively seek students interested in contributing to diversity and equal opportunity within higher education.


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