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PhD position in Restoration Ecology and Genetics at University of Nevada, Reno

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The Parchman and Leger labs in the Biology Department at the University of Nevada Reno are recruiting a PhD student to work at the intersection of population genetics and trait-based restoration ecology. Funds are available to support field and greenhouse work in addition to DNA sequencing for research that will address the genetic and phenotypic consequences of seed increase practices for a suite of Great Basin forbs and grasses. Project goals include asking if and how genetic variation and diversity is affected by seed collection, agricultural seed production, and restoration seeding. Considerable landscape genetic data sets spanning natural distributions have been recently generated for the focal taxa; the student would also have the opportunity, and will be encouraged to, develop projects based on this available data. The student would be supported by both RA and TAships available through the Biology Department as needed. The student would be advised by Dr. Thomas Parchman and co-advised by Dr. Elizabeth Leger. Ideal applicants would have strong interest in plant evolutionary genetics and some combination of the following qualifications (or a strong desire to learn these skills): 1) molecular genetic laboratory experience, 2) experience working with data using R, Unix, and/or or Python, 3) interest in the ecology and evolutionary biology of western North American native plants 4) past experience or strong interest in restoration ecology and/or restoration genetics or 5) interest in working with land managers on restoration projects.

UNR has a strong interdisciplinary PhD program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (http://environment.unr.edu/eecb/). Graduate students accepted into the EECB program are guaranteed financial support through Teaching Assistantships (TAs), which includes health insurance and an out-of-state tuition waiver. For this position, funds are anticipated for a number of semesters through Research Assistantships (RAs). The successful applicant could begin the PhD program as soon as Fall 2022, with the possibility of joining the lab sooner as a technician.

University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) is an R1 university located in a spectacular environment at the confluence of the Great Basin and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The faculty and graduate students are highly interactive and include an internationally known group of evolutionary biologists and ecologists. The Parchman lab has recently been renovated and is equipped with ample molecular and computational resources for the analysis of high throughput DNA sequencing data, and the Leger lab maintains all resources needed for implementing field projects and ample greenhouse space, and has many working relationships with state, federal, and NGO partners working on restoration in the Great Basin. We are located in an ideal setting for field-based projects in the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada regions, allowing enviable access to spectacular montane and desert ecosystems. Reno is only 40 minutes from Lake Tahoe, offers a high quality of living, an excellent climate, and is a large enough city to offer diverse activities and amenities. World class rock climbing, skiing, and mountain biking opportunities are in extremely close proximity.

Interested applicants should send a CV, copies of transcripts, and a statement of research experience and interests to Tom Parchman ([email protected]) and Elizabeth Leger ([email protected]). Consideration will begin on December 1, and applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.


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