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We Want High Quality Tutors

Prospective tutors must be or be willing to be at the top of their business. You must have the self motivation, independent spirit, ethics and an ability to work with minimum supervision. You are required to respect the  agreement we have with our clients.We value dedication and punctuality. So you must always be at work on time. 

Our package for tutors is competitive, we have a flexible scheme that enable you to balance your time at Bright Way with other engagements. We help you to grow professionally and financially. The welfare of tutors is highly important to us. Tutors with track record receive additional benefits as a reward for exceptional work done.

Excellent reputation

Tutors must Build Excellent reputation

Our students has one of the highest rates of getting into the university. Our teachers are reputed for professionalism and excellent teacher-student relationship.  We are known by our past clients for excellence. Prospective tutors must show high integrity in all dealings with our clients.

Practical Skill

Our tutors must successfully blend theoretical knowledge with practical examples and experiences. As a Bright Tutor, you should be able to explain the most confusing concepts in a simple, clear and beautiful manner. Charts and diagrams are highly recommended to be used when tutoring.

We use science to help you design your product
Example: 32
Include the specific area you reside in.
You would normally teach 3 sessions (2hrs/per session) a week for a student. If you are offered a position, how much do you expect at the end of the month?

Get the Best Experience at Bright Way

"We want to see you grow both financially and professionally. A job at Bright Way would provide you with an enabling environment to prosper in multiple facets of your life. Consider a career with Bright Way"
Hamza Mohammed

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Bright Way is a Subsidiary of 99Science. Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build Advance Education in Africa.

99Science is an emerging science firm blazing the application of science to research, education and business. Brightway is a subsidiary of 99Science. 

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