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Graduate Assistantship (M.S.), School of Biological & Environmental Sciences, Marshall University

A graduate assistantship (M.S.) will be available during the Fall (2022) semester in the Department of Biological Sciences at Marshall University and will be supported by the Lemotto-Smith – John Goodno Fellowship program. The fellowship supports aquatic research in the Ohio River and its tributaries for graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences. The award includes $1500.00 per semester for four semesters beginning in Fall 2022, $5000.00 per summer for 2023 and 2024, and $2000.00 per academic year that can be used toward research or conference travel. The per-semester stipend is in addition to the Teaching Assistantship award through the Department of Biological Sciences. The Teaching Assistantship award includes $4500 per semester and a tuition remission for four semesters.

Please contact prospective faculty mentors in the School of Biological & Environmental Sciences (https://www.marshall.edu/cos/sbes/) if your research interests align with the Lemotto-Smith – John Goodno Fellowship requirements. Applicants should work with a graduate faculty mentor to develop a project before they apply for the fellowship. Please send application materials (see required documents, below), unofficial transcripts, and a resume (including three references) to Dr. Jayme Waldron ([email protected]) by 15 April 2022. Applicants must have applied for admission to Marshall University prior to the application deadline.

Applicant Requirements:

1.      Applicant’s research focus is on aquatic biology about or within the Ohio River or its tributaries.  Applicant must be a fully-admitted and full-time graduate student pursuing a Master of Science degree in the Department of Biological Sciences at Marshall University.

2.      The student must be in good standing in the Department of Biological Sciences.  Graduate students admitted with probationary status are ineligible.

3.      Applicant’s primary advisor must be graduate faculty and a full-time tenured or tenure-track member of the School of Biological & Environmental Sciences. Applicant must be working under the direct supervision of their primary advisor.

4.      Applicant must submit a complete application by the advertised deadline.


1.      Provide a summary of the proposed research and funding requirements to include:

a.      State the project thesis.

b.      State the hypothesis or hypotheses to be tested.

c.      Explain briefly how the testing of the thesis will be accomplished.  This should be formatted as an overview of methodology.

d.      Provide a projected time table for the research and thesis completion.  The funding is for a maximum of two years of support.

e.      Describe now summer funding will be used (i.e., travel, supplies, equipment needed for thesis research).

f.       Provide details and evidence of current financial support for your graduate work (e.g., teaching assistantship, grant funding).

2.      Evidence of full admission and standing in the program.

3.      Evidence that the applicant’s primary advisor is on graduate faculty and is a full-time tenured or tenure-track member of the School of Biological & Environmental Sciences (will be provided by faculty mentor).

4.      A brief letter of support from the applicant’s primary advisor.

Jayme Waldron
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755
Office: 304-696-3361


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