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Hamza Mohammed

Science Communicator


I simplify complex scientific information, ensuring that important scientific findings and knowledge are not confined to academic circles.


I am dedicated to promoting community involvement in addressing scientific knowledge gaps.


I utilize software programs for scientific computations and data analysis.

Welcome to my Science Communication Portfolio!

Since 2019, I’ve been writing on this platform. I am dedicated to nurturing curiosity and spreading scientific knowledge. 

I am excited to share my passion for science and the wonders of the natural world with you. I have presented various discussions on scientific topics, including biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and astronomy.

As a science communicator, my goal is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and the broader community. I strive to simplify complex concepts to spark curiosity and inspire curiosity in everyone, regardless of their background.

Below, you’ll find a selection of my articles where I explore fascinating subjects, uncover the mysteries of the universe, and illuminate the intricacies of life.

Join me on this scientific journey!

Best regards,

Hamza Mohammed

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